Exvere: Private Investment Banking

Exvere advises privately-held businesses on capital transactions including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and recapitalizations.

There's a great deal at stake. In the life of every business owner, there comes a time to sell. Or buy. Maybe divest a non-core unit or recapitalize to continue to grow. Successful identification of strategic options and execution requires debt balancing of present value and people's futures, of harsh realities and lifelong dreams, of company assets and personal sanity.

It's about balancing the interests of owners, employees, and customers to achieve optimal results; and allowing management to maintain their focus on the operations of the company during this most critical time.

For the last two decades, Exvere has been advising leading Northwest businesses in liquidity, exit, or growth initiatives. We bring a market-tested method of analysis to every transaction – one proven time and again to substantially increase the post-transaction value of the deal.


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