For the last three decades, Exvere has been advising leading Northwest businesses in liquidity, exit, or growth initiatives. We bring a market-tested process to every transaction — our process has proven, time and again, to substantially increase the

post-transaction value of the deal.



Your business is your identity and your legacy. Before making one of the biggest decisions of your life, you need a partner who understands this is a lot more than a financial transaction – it’s the culmination of a generation’s work. Complete confidence that your company will thrive under new ownership is a must.

But all too often, people in the business of mergers and acquisitions don’t see past the closing day. They’re juggling too many clients at once and are too eager to get to the next deal – no matter the cost to your company’s future.


We do things differently.

While we have a high closing ratio and decades of experience, it’s not simply about getting a deal done – it’s about building a relationship with you and finding the right suitor who shares a similar vision for the next phase of your business.

Unlike other firms, our senior-level managing directors are with you through every step of the process. We prioritize what is most important to you and dedicate our resources to delivering the best possible outcome — because we’re in it for the long haul.

We pride ourselves on authenticity, and you can always expect the unvarnished truth. As you take this next step, we want to partner with you to ensure that this isn’t just the best financial decision, but the right one for you.


Our scope includes firms who are not ready for an exit but wish to prepare for a transaction, in which case our Strategic Assessment is often the first step. Whether your interest is a partial or complete exit, making an acquisition, a management buyout or another capital transaction, our professionals can level the playing field. Private business owners are often far less experienced with the M&A process than buyers, which can place them at a costly disadvantage.





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