Exvere assists owners with developing near- and longer-term strategies to maximize exit values through utilizing our extensive research and analytical capabilities. A Strategic Assessment enables owners to see their business through the eyes of a potential acquirer by normalizing historical earnings; determining strengths and weaknesses; and analyzing market trends, all of which provide valuable insight and direction resulting in better positioning. The Strategic Assessment includes a current valuation, an analysis of available options and recommendations.


Exvere represents owners of companies in the outright sale of their businesses, the divestiture of business units, and in the sale of partial ownership interests, also known as a recapitalization. We work closely with our clients to develop targeted lists of strategic and financial buyers who are qualified to complete the transaction. Exvere employs time-tested processes to structure and negotiate transactions to maximize value for our clients. Finally, we remain fully engaged through completion, assisting with the efficient and timely closing of the transaction.


Exvere also represents business owners seeking to acquire another firm or division. We have successfully completed numerous engagements, addressing a broad range of strategic goals including: acquiring market share, broadening product offerings, geographic and distribution channel expansion, and revenue diversification.


It is not unusual for minority owners or a management group to participate in a refinancing or recapitalization to facilitate the buy-out of existing ownership interests. Exvere maintains an extensive network of potential resources to facilitate this process, including commercial banks, private equity funds, and mezzanine finance groups.

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